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Cloud 9 Morph

A revolutionary harness enabling prone & seated hang gliding

The new Cloud 9 Morph is a revolutionary hang glider harness which easily transitions in flight between prone (head forward, face down) and seated (toes first, face up) flying positions — and everything in-between with great comfort.

This new system combines the control advantages of prone position with the relaxation and comfort of seated flying, along with a familiar standard upright position for launch and landing. The harness is of very high quality and has been ergonomically designed for comfort in all flying positions. The main hang loop risers are fully integral and feature a continuous double loop of webbing. For more detailed information go to the instructions & specifications page


An integrated spreader bar system comes as part of the harness, so there's no need to purchase a third-party spreader bar or additional carabiners. Cloud 9 also supplies control frame extension handles (sold seperately). Together, they are all you need to transition to seated flying. Buy one now >>

The seated advantage

The comfort and relaxation of seated flying is something worth experiencing. It affords a wider field of view in all directions compared to prone, which allows for safer flying and a much greater view of the Earth.

Hang gliding started with pilots flying in an upright seated position. But prone position soon became popular, initially due to its greater control authority… but there was nothing that allowed both positions.


The Cloud 9 Morph has changed all that — it has many advantages — now you can launch/land as normal, fly in prone position for as long as you like, then sit back in a low-drag seated/reclined position which affords a great view of the sky when cruising between fluffy clouds. Your choice.

Converting to seated

Until the advent of the Cloud 9 Morph harness it was problematic to transition into a seated position. You needed to get a seated harness setup (normally including a re-purposed paraglider harness) and make your own DIY control frame extension handles.

Alternatively, some glider manufacturers produce modified wings specifically for seated flying which normally involves making the control frame shorter with additional rearward rake, leaving you with a seated-only glider with custom made parts. Also, while this setup is comfortable, it leaves the pilot with arguably less control authority.

…not anymore, Cloud 9 has you covered.

Cloud 9 Morphing Bars

Hang glider control frame extension handles

All flex wing gliders are easily suited to seated flying with the Cloud 9 Morph harness and Cloud 9 Morphing Bars (control frame extensions) which are made to fit all control frames with round base bar. Please note, aerofoiled base bar profiles are also available. Buy a set now >>

Cloud 9 Morph harness accessories

Emergency reserve chute container

Allows for safe deployment from all positions,

and is easily removed for dune flying etc.


NOTE: also requires a chute mounting panel (below), which must be installed
during production (or can be sewn in retrospectively). Buy now >>

Chute mounting panel

Installation required during production (for reserve
chute container attachment). Buy now >>

VG (variable geometry) adjustment system

Provides in-flight adjustment of seated/prone position. 
Buy now >>

Turtleback storage module

Easily holds typical packup gear, hydration

bladder (sold seperately) and a sandwich.

Buy now >>

Harness carry bag

Carry in comfort your gear. Buy now >>

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supine sealy_edited.jpg
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